Family Trying to Trace a Dead Relative in Germany

Mary Alice Spuck

A Kenyan lady passed away last week and the family back home in Kenya is looking for information and details.

On Thursday last week, the family in Kenya received a phone call from the lady’s daughter in Germany, who announced that her mother had passed away. The call which came after many years of silence from the daughter and mother came as a surprise to the relatives due to its timing as well as its content. After the call, the informer went underground and can no longer be traced.

The relatives in Kenya are disillusioned and are unable to find more information regarding their daughter.

Information offered on the missing lady is:

Her name was Mary or Alice Spuck, she was a luhya married to a German and had a 22 year old daughter called Nora. Her  last known contact address was Kleinbaugaseestr.7, 61203 Wöllstadt in Hessen  (The address doesn’t exist on google but that was what she had given her relatives back home. The PLZ for Wöllstadt is pretty accurate, so my guess is she did live in Wöllstadt).

If you might have any information, please contact

Ms. Bennadette Canute

Ms. Madeline Bharat 

Mr. Wamela  (Head of Consular at the Kenyan Embassy in Berlin)

– 0302592660  (available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm)

or 0170-5653817  (available 24-7)

UPDATE: The lady was found, and the family is working towards her burial.

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