Some Diasporans will be the End of You


While in Kenya earlier this month, a man called me for a meeting in Nairobi. I met the man and he later took me to his lawyer’s office where he produced evidence to support his story.

When we met at a restaurant in Nairobi, the man narrated his story.

“Mr. Seed, my name is Mr. Kamau (not his real name), you don’t know me but I know you. I had lived in UK  for 6 years before being deported back to Kenya. I came to the UK in 2005 and was deported in 2010.

After arriving in UK in 2005 I met a Mr. Jicho Moja from Northampton. We became very good friends. We did some things together as friends before agreeing to do a property business together in 2008. We both agreed to contribute £12,000 each, to kick start the business.  I gave him my £12,000 contribution ready for the business.

After giving him the money he started running away from me. When we would arrange to meet, he would always have excuses. Two years down the line I had not received my money nor did we start the business. I asked him to refund my money and he started avoiding me until it became a bitter exchanged – almost a fight. 

In 2010, I received a phone call from Mr. Jicho Moja, he wanted to pay me back my money. He asked me to give him my address so that he could bring the money the following day. Innocently I gave him my address, little did I know that was my suicide note.

I had no proper papers to stay in the UK and that is why I was using my friend Mr. Jicho Moja to register the business. I was living and working far away from London and nobody else knew my address. The following day Mr. Jicho Moja called me and said that he was trying to trace my address with Satellite Navigate without success. He promised to come the following day.

On the third day at 5.30 a.m., the immigration police woke me up. They asked me for my passport which I didn’t have. I was taken straight to the Heathrow Airport and I was deported.

After arriving in Kenya with nothing except the clothes I was wearing, I phoned Mr. Jicho Moja. ‘Now that you got me deported, can you pay back my money now?’,  I asked him. Mr. Jicho Moja insulted me and since then he has been sending me very abusive emails.

“Have a look at all these emails”, Mr. Kamau said in tears as he showed me the papers in a big file. “This man has pushed me to the edge. What I pray to God for, is that one day before I go to the grave, I get to meet Mr. Jicho Moja face by face in Kenya. That is my only prayer.” Mr. Kamau said as he wipe away his tears. “Mr. Jicho Moja has caused me lot of pain,……” Mr. Kamau concluded.


Courtesy: Misterseed.

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