How Well do you Know the German Articles? Der, Die, Das

Kenyan learning German in Berlin

German articles, the horror of the German language. German is easy UNTIL you meet the articles der, die, das. It would be easy if they remained as such but wait until they start changing outfits and you have them in accusative, dative, genitive. Haiya then trouble begins how does die become der? Then der and das become dem and des. Haiya now your head is already swimming.

The best advice I got from my German teacher was, “When words don’t work well enough, that’s why we have hands and feet to demonstrate our point”.

So incase you don’t know your articles well enough, don’t worry it takes time to learn. Another trick I learnt is, when you’re not sure of which article to use, speak real fast or just “tweng” it…lol….

[mtouchquiz 4]

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