Would a Kenyan Politician do this for Re-Election?

Merkel as a Substitute teacher
Angela Merkel as a substitute teacher at the Heinrich-Schliemann-Gymnasium in Prenzlauer Berg

It’s election time in Germany and Norway. This coming September sees both countries go to the polls. The heads of government in both countries have decided to be creative in their campaign this year. Both have been in office for 2 terms already. Seems they share a lot of similarities.

Angela Merkel the German Chancellor decided to take her campaign to the schools as she acted as a substitute teacher. For a whole hour she taught history at the Heinrich-Schliemann-Gymnasium in Prenzlauer Berg. The whole venture though, has been advertised as a way she commemorated the 52nd anniversary since the building of the Berlin Wall with the students. ( I think it was to try and improve her image after people got angry that she actually knew about Obama spying on Germans without doing anything about it…..just my 2 cents).

This happens after the German Ambassador to Kenya, also taught German at the Kenya High School for a day….she also visited other schools and taught there as well…..is that where Merkel got her idea?

In Norway on the other hand, the PM Stolberg was on the campaign trail in June when he decided to work as a taxi driver for a day. He apparently wanted to interact with the kawaida person on the street and hear their views.

I liked that the people were so relaxed and ready to make fun of him when they found out his real identity. I bet he hadn’t expected the pensioner’s reaction when she said, “I was just about to write you a letter”….lol….don’t you just love pensioners in Europe? they have so much time.

Anyhu, do you think a Kenyan politician would do any of these things? Which politician do you think would most likely do something like this? Considering the amout of security most of our politicians have around them, hehehe…..I think there’d be more body guards in the classroom than students.

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