Learn German or Lose Welfare Benefits


A court in Frankfurt this week ruled that the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (Work Agency) are allowed to cut off welfare (Hartz IV) benefits for foreigners who refuse to learn German.

The court argued that the welafre benefits were to support people until they were fit to join the work force. Those receiving welfare benefits are only allowed to do so if within this time they are trying to make themselves fit for the work force.

Foreigners who can’t get jobs because of their German language skills are required to join the VHS or any other language school and learn the language failure to which, they lose their benefits.

The BA has also introduced a new program that aims to reduce the number of people on welafre especially the young ones (25-35) will be forced to get an ausbildung. Read: 25-35year old Hartz IV’s might have to get a new Ausbildung

This ruling was made after a Turkish woman in Frankfurt went to court after the BA reduced her benefits by 30% and threatened to completely take away her benefits if she didn’t enroll in a German course.

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