Fewer Doctors choosing to Become General Practitioners

As more doctors graduate from their excruciating med schools, fewer are deciding to skip the specializing to become general practitioners. Seems most med students prefer to continue with their studies and become specialists instead of “quiting” early and becoming general practitioners in some tiny village.

According to Kassenärztlicher Bundesvereinigung (KBV), in 2012 out of 10,127 students who graduated, only a mere 949 decided to become general practitioners (GPs) (Hausartzt). This was the smallest number ever compared to other years that delivered over a thousand GPs: 1298;1085 and 1168 for 2011, 2010 and 2009 respectively.
Experts fear that this might lead to a disaster and most are blaming the Universities for producing specialists instead of GPs. The experts advice that the Universities revise their curriculum to allow more students to be less specific. The KBV is fighting for various reforms that might encourage more students to become GPs instead of specialising. One of the reforms that was recently put in place was allowing more young doctors to open their own clinics.

I guess like any other field, Medicine will also have to start advertising to attract foreigners, though BW seems to have done the best job at that with more than 63% of their doctors being foreigners: Read More than 63% of doctors in BW are foreigners and the number is set to rise

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