13% of Migrant Pupils Dropout of School – Double the number of Germans Dropping out


I read such statistics and I’m very saddened by it all. First of all, most if not all migrants continue to live in Germany with children in order to secure better chances for these kids and secondly, because these are young minds running down the drain. I personally believe ANYONE can achieve anything they set their minds on, but it seems these foreign children in Germany tend more often than not to have given up before they even start.
According to a recent study released 7,5% of German pupils drop out of school, this number is close to double for the migrant children which is 13%.  Another issue is the fact that more boys are dropping out of school than girls. The study proposed employing more teachers, having teachers speak more languages etc, but as the Stadtrat pointed out, all this will cost a lot of money which most of them do not have. In short, parents better sort out their children’s future or no one will.

I believe it is essential to migrants to understand the German education system and get involved in their children’s education. I say this with love and care, but when we especially as women give birth to kids just for the sake of getting papers and staying in Germany then forgetting these kids immediately we get what we wanted, we are not being faire to these kids. Before you start going up in arms, please think about the statistics and the impact it has on the future of these kids before you start defending what you think. Everyone has an opinion, but facts aren’t individual…..the fact here is that many immigrant kids aren’t taking advantage of the “better” chances their parents came to Germany for. Before you blame the teachers and the education system, think about what your role as a parent, a relative or part of the Kenyan community has been in making sure more of the kids born or coming here achieve their goals.

We have too many Kenyan children in Heims for us to continue hiding our heads in the sand and pretending everything is ok. Too many Kenyan kids are being arrested for crimes before they reach 18. What are we doing to ensure this changes? The children born here should live and have better lives than those back home (isn’t that the reason we keep up with the snow?)….so why aren’t they?

For parents who need help understanding the system or want to be involved in their children’s education but speak no German, depending on your location there are many organizations that may help you. In Frankfurt you can visit Wangari Greiner at Maisha.org and in Mülheim a.d Ruhr you can visit Love From Africa. If anyone knows other organizations that help with such things, feel free to tell me about them either through email or as a comment below.

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