Are Women as good as Men in Math and Sciences? Otto gets in trouble for suggesting otherwise

People have blown a storm over an ad from Otto. The online shop is selling t-shirts for girls making fun of the fact that the girls don’t know much about Math. Something along the lines of I only get Ds in Math.

People have raided the company’s Facebook and other social media sites calling for the removal of the t-shirt from their collection. Though the t-shirt was removed from the online shop in Austria, in Germany it was sold out…..The same tee wasn’t offered for boys.

What do you guys think?

I wouldn’t wear it, neither would I buy it for anyone especially cause, first I believe you are what you tell yourself you are and if you think you’re stupid….guess what? Secondly, I don’t like stereotypes, they might be funny once in a while but walking around with a “stamp” glorifying an opinion as a fact, makes absolutely no sense to me.

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