The EU guarantees jobs for ALL graduands


Last week, the EU parliament in Brussels agreed that every country within the EU should guarantee jobs for it’s youth. According to the EU, every graduand will receive a job offer not more than 4 months after graduating. There will be consequences though for countries that don’t fulfill this.

The countries signed the Job Guarantee bill that was passed last week which ensures that EU countries will reduce the number of unemployed youths in their countries. The bill stated that within 4 months of completing studies/apprenticeship or losing a job, the EU youth will either get a new job, a new apprenticeship or an internship position.

Currently in Germany as long as you have some form of qualification either a degree or an Ausbidung, you are assured of getting a job. According to the IAB, the number of jobless graduants dropped from 3.5% to 2.9% from 2006 to 2011, while for azubis it dropped from 12% to 7.9%. These numbers were irregardless of gender and for both East and West Germany.

The study also found that having qualifications guaranteed you a job which wasn’t the case for those without any qualifications. The number of unqualified people without jobs in 2011 was at 20%. The study recommends that people get an Ausbildung or a simple Weiterbildung which tends to increase chances of ever finding a job.

There are 33000 vacancies in Germany and 15700 unemployed youth. 250,000 youth are unqualified for any apprenticeship, internships or even Umschulung.

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