Kenyan Rescued from “Slavery” by Customs Officials in Karlsruhe

Modern Day Slavery

A 24 year old Kenyan man was this year able to understand the real meaning of celebrating Jamhuri Day.

The young man who arrived in Germany in March on an au pair visa was rescued by customs officials on 10th December from a horse farm in Karlsruhe where he was forced to work from Monday to Monday for peanuts.

Since arrival, the young man never got a chance to be an au pair. Instead, he was forced to work 9-hours daily from Monday to Saturday and 6-hours on Sunday for €200 monthly. He was unable to defend himself or escape as his employer had confiscated his passport and kept threatening him, “you may go to the police, but they will simply drive you to the airport”.

In cases where the farm was inspected by the police or customs officials, the man was forced to hide in a horse box.

The employer was arrested and criminal charges placed against him. He now faces charges on withholding of wages, wage usury and employment without a valid work permit. Whether further charges e.g. false imprisonment, will be placed against him, will be decided after further investigations.

The wage usury charge alone can lead to imprisonment of up to 10years.

The Kenyan was very grateful to the custom officials who rescued him and is currently being taken care of by the church until investigations are done.

UPDATE: This incident actually took place last year.

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