Wrong wording gets Universities in Berlin to refund students who paid for tuition fees

The State Secretary in Berlin, recently wrote to all Universities in Berlin asking them to refund money to students who had paid tuition fees wrongly. 

The Verfassungsgericht had ruled that the Universities in Berlin had asked for the money for the wrong reasons thus should refund it to the students. Berlin Universities at the time between Winter Semester 1996/97 and 2004/05, asked for the fees “bei Rückmeldung” instead of “für Rückmeldung”. Although other Universities in Germany also asked for fees at the time, most termed them as administration costs.
Students who studied at a University in Berlin between Winter Semester 1996/97 and 2004/05, can ask for their money back. Each student will receive €51,12 for each semester they studied at the University. If you studied there, you can apply for your money by filling in the forms der FU Berlin, der TU Berlin, der HU Berlin and sending them to the uni. There are already 6,000 requests sent to the FU and 2800 to the HU.

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