Kids from Nairobi in Austria to learn how to Ski

A group of 50 kids aged between 11 and 15 from Nairobi just landed in Wagrain (Pongau) Austria for their first ever winter holiday. Apparently the whole trip came about as an accident. The children found a holiday catalogue in the school and saw the offer from Wagner Kleinarl. They found it interesting and asked their teacher if it would be possible to take part in it. The teachers talked to the parents who thought it was a great idea for the kids to see the mountains, enjoy the snow, learn about a different culture and learn how to snow.
Though the kids are excited to be in Salzburg, they are a bit confused from having to wear so many layers of clothing then having to keep removing and wearing them again when they move from one place to another. Here’s what a few of the kids thought of their holiday so far:
“It’s very exciting to be here, this place is wonderful. I’ve never gone skiing before and this will be a great experience” -Stephanie (14yr old)
“This is the first time I’m seeing snow, it’s very cold. But this is great. We had a snowball fight and got to make a snowman” – Dorothy (14yr old)
” The people here are very friendly and the food is very good. My favourite is the Schnitzel”-Sibi (12yr old)
“This place is very cold and the country is so small compared to Kenya. It’s almost as if this whole country is full of mountains but it’s very clean. Arrgghh and I always have to wear so many clothes but the snow is nice, it actually melts if you hold on to it for too long. It’s wonderful to be here “- Fardo (11yr old)

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