Meet the Hope Theatre Nairobi in Frankfurt and Stuttgart

This theatre group from Kenya has been touring Germany since beginning of April, unfortunately I just found out about them and thought I’d share so that those who are in Stuttgart and Frankfurt can at least make it to the few remaining shows.

The group which includes youth from different slums in Nairobi will be showcasing their play “The Dream of Getting a Job”. The play that shows the struggles of young people all over the world trying to find jobs. When they have to choose between doing the right things and doing the more profitable things. Finding a job the right way, or using credentials; finding a real job or looking for quick deals.

Another play will be the “Spätzle or Ugali”, I bet they will both be hilarious.

Where can you catch them?

All Day
28. Porsche Tennis Grand Prix Stuttgart 

Künstlerisches Programm für den SEZ – Informationsstand
Vorstellung Jugend-Kultur-Kirche St. Peter Frankfurt
„Fair Deal – Fair Act – Fair Trade“
Andreasgemeinde Niedhöchstadt / Frankfurt
„Fair Deal – Fair Act – Fair Trade“
Freie Aktive Schule Stuttgart
„Spätzle @ Ugali“                                   

More Info from their websites: http://www.hope-theatre.info

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