More than 30% fail their first Driving test – Driving instructors to blame

The Auto Club Europa (ACE) did a study recently and according to them, every third student fails their driving text but that isn’t a sign that the German driving curriculum is the best in the world but instead that the students were badly prepared for the test.

The ACE claims that the driving instructors did this intentionally so as to increase the number of hours a student takes and thus the amount of money they pay.
The states with the lowest percentage of students failing were Hessen (22,14%);Niedersachsen (24,87%) and Schleswig-Holstein (25,13%) while those with the highest was Sachsen-Anhalt with 38%.

Head of the Driving Instructors Union in NRW said the study was untrustworthy and all the information was false. 

The ACE advices students to choose a driving school based on the passing rate rather than the cost. Although the driving instructors have been campaigning for the driving course to be extended, ACE is doubtful that it will make sense to take up driving anymore considering getting a driving licence in Germany currently costs €1800 on average.

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