Autobahn speed limit to be reduced to 120km/h

car-speed-limit-1The dream of many might be coming a dim end. The German Autobahn known for its lack of known speed limit, might have that change if Die Grünen get what they are asking for. 

The politician Katrin Göring-Eckardt from Die Grünen wants the speed limit set to 120km/hr. According to her, you get there faster at 120km/hr. 
Many German automobile manufacturers are against this change siting that it will reduce their sales. Göring-Eckhardt though wasn’t giving them any space, saying that has been a Marketing gimmick they have been using. She said changing the speed limit will not reduce the Germans’ confidence in German Engineering. She also referred to other countries with lower speed limits where these manufacturers continue to sell cars. (I still wonder why anyone would buy a car that can fly at 250km/hr to drive in Kenya where the speed limit is 80km/hr on the “Super Highway”….but I digress).

From the look of things though, she might not get enough people to back her plan making this one of the many many dreams Die Grünen, produce in Berlin every week.

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