First Kenyan Laparoscopic Surgeon in Germany Speaks on Entrepreneurship in the Health Sector

Dr Elly Cherwon, 40, is a surgeon, the deputy director of surgery at Mosbach Hospital in Germany, and co-owner of a skincare/cosmetics company and co-owner of two Surgery practices in Mosbach and Mannheim. His list of accomplishments is endless.

Elly Cherwon loves lots of things about Germany, but he misses home.

“The infrastructure here is marvellous, and I wish Kenya had Germany’s efficient transport system.But food here is not as fresh as in Kenya. It is mostly refrigerated. After many years in Germany, I have become used to life here, but I still miss Kenya – the Sheng, nyama choma, the wedding culture, the weather, the political scene …”

Germany is also a bit too rigid. “Society is very strict with little room for flexibility. Taxes are high and the cost of living is high, too. It’s very difficult to afford property here. There’s too much work and so little fun.”

Still, he’s not complaining. All that hard work has paid off.

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Elly left Kenya in 1994 to study medicine and surgery in Germany at the Ruprechts-Karl-Universität Heidelberg. He went on to earn a PhD magna cum laude (that’s Latin for great honours) in medicine, and is today the deputy director at Mosbach Hospital, which is attached to the University of Heidelberg where he studied. He specialises in laparoscopic or keyhole surgery.

When he isn’t working, well, he’s working – on his other project, a skincare/cosmetics business he started with his partner, Anisa Suleiman.

“Anisa is originally from Mombasa,” he explains. “She is a German-trained beautician with two successful salons, one in Mombasa and the other in Germany. When we discovered that we had a mutual interest in skincare, we teamed up and founded Anel254 Cosmetics.”

His interest in skincare came about as a direct result of his work as a surgeon.

“I encounter a lot of skin and skin issues and that prompted me to want to assist people get healthy skin. Especially after surgery, healthy skin is crucial for wound recovery. I started asking myself questions like how to keep and maintain healthy skin, and how to treat uneven skin or dark spots.”

In early 2014, the two brainstormed their idea. Months of research and testing followed, and today their products are sold in Europe and in East and Central Africa. Their factory and partners are in Germany.

So how does hejuggle hiswork as a surgeon and business?

“With passion, dedication, sacrificing my free time, social media marketing, good partnerships, dedicated workers and good management,” he smiles.

Astonishingly, this busy man finds time for fun.

“I cook sometimes. I especially love fish, veggies and fried banana in curry sauce. I also love music and dancing; dances like kisomba and salsa are my favourites. I also love taking walks in good weather and going out with friends and colleagues. I read a lot, too.”

And he doesn’t dream small, either. “My ultimate dream is to build a hospital in Kenya, impact positive health and be a big employer,” he says. “I also want to build a school in honour of my mother, the greatest influence in my life.”

In Nairobi, Anel254 products can be found at the Ava Pharmacy at the Hub, Karen, and at Beauty Wholesale on Kimathi Street. (

Source: True Love East Africa

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