Mkenya Radio Dec 2013: “Returning Diasporans & Social Entrepreneurs in the Diaspora”

Weihnachtsgeld Christmas Allowances

If you haven’t heard, our very reliable Diaspora Director stood us up without explanation nor apology. At least you know how reliable his office is in handling diaspora issues. Anyhu, the wise men said, ” Life is what you make it”. And we turned the chance into an opportunity to motivate the listeners and even share ideas on how to invest back home.

From the show it is evident that if the world was perfect, most diasporans would return home in a heart beat, if only their security was assured. A few though have decided to take the bold step and become the change they would like to see. To the diasporans, you have a chance that many don’t have. Listen in to find out what more was said, you just might find something for you 😉

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