Mkenya Radio April 2014: Securing the Future For Your Loved Ones


On Friday evening we had a conversation with Chase Bank Kenya on: opening a bank account, investing back home and getting health insurance for relatives back home or the Diaspora Term Life (Bury me home products) for those of us who would like to be buried back home or simply to ensure burial expenses are take care of when you pass on.

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James Ndung’u (Head of diaspora banking) –
Sylvester Nzioka (Chase Bank Bancassurance) –

Opening a Chase Bank Account and Investing in Kenya

  • Tell us about Chase Bank, how long has Chase bank been around?
  • For the lands offer, can the client choose the location of the land
  • Any land offers for chamas? (Relevant especially for chamas that wish to buy large pieces then subdivide amongst themselves)
  • Any costs incurred in opening an account at Chase Bank? (Running costs etc) Picture, Kenyan ID, Passport, source of income
  • What is the easiest way to transfer money from here to the Chase Bank account?
  • Where can I use the Chase Bank ATM?
  • Chase Mfukoni, can you use it from here? And how?
  • Investing in the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE), how can I do that through Chase Bank?

Health Insurance for parents

  • What options do you have for inpatient?
  • Can it also be used to ensure children in Kenya? Can I insure my children who are in Kenya?
  • What offers are there?
  • Does it cover medical cover outside Kenya? Can it be used e.g when travelling to Germany?
  • Pre-existing or chronic conditions are covered.

Bury me home:

  • how does one ensure that the money is actually paid out to their relatives when they pass on?
  • What is the minimum time one should have paid into the insurance before it can be paid out? What happens if someone signs up today and dies in a month’s time?
  • Is suicide also included? How do you confirm whether or not it was suicide?
  • Can the money be paid out to relatives who are in Kenya?
  • Is the policy also open to Kenyans who have renounced their Kenyan citizenship? Can none Kenyans also be covered e.g. Tanzanians and Ugandans?
  • Do you have a plan that covers a family of three for example? What other plans do you have for different family sizes?
  • For the family policy, how is that paid out? If all 4 pass on the same day, does it mean the relatives receive KSh. 4million
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