Kenyan Teen Set for Deportation from Sweden for Sexual Assault

An image shared by Freie Zeiten as that of Fayed Mwangi

A 19 year old Kenyan is set to be deported from Sweden, after he was sentenced to 30 months imprisonment for sexual assault and causing bodily harm.

The incident that took place in November 2016 started as an innocent teen bash. Three Swedish teen girls and one boy were hanging out in an apartment in Stockholm when one girl chose to invite her Liberian friend. The Liberian friend, Richelieu Jarara,  a 21-year old guy decided to bring along his 19-year old Kenyan friend, Fayed Mwangi.

What remains unclear however, is how a casual invitation to a teen bash escalated into such a violent event. According to Breitbart that cites Freie Zeiten as their source, a short time after the two young men arrived, they started sexually assaulting the girls after having beaten the Swedish guy that they found with the girls.

Frei Zeiten further reports that Jarara and Mwangi beat the young man and sprayed him with pepper spray leaving him with “several cerebral hemorrhages, severe swelling, and bruises all over his body, as well as bone fractures and open wounds.” The boy reportedly suffered permanent brain damage.

Guido Grandt on his site, News Uncensored, further claims that Mwangi uploaded a video on Snapchat joking about having killed the Swedish boy.

When one of the girls tried to scream, thinking Mwangi had killed the Swedish boy; Milo another website that also ran the story, claims that Mwangi then pulled the girl by her hair and locked her in a room where he went ahead to rape her.

All this was stopped when a neighbour on hearing the commotion burst into the apartment.

According to court papers shared by Freie Zeiten: Fayed Mwangi Court Papers: Mwangi was sentenced to two years imprisonment and is set to be deported back to Kenya after serving his sentence. Mwangi had previously been charged with rape, having raped another lady. His friend Jarara was sentenced to three years imprisonment, with no mention of deportation.


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