Regaining Kenyan Citizenship LEGALLY After Taking Up German Citizenship

Doppelpass Dual citizenship

This specifically for Kenyans who now hold German citizenship and would like to regain their Kenyan citizenship. As shared in the article on How German Dual Citizenship works, it is possible for a German national to request to retain their citizenship when applying for citizenship in another country.

To get the right to retain German citizenship in addition to taking up another one, one has to show that:

– they have tight ties with Germany which is displayed by giving information on

  • your level of German knowledge
  • a list of all your relatives living in Germany plus their names and addresses in Germany and
  • a list of businesses or property you own in Germany

– have good enough reason to want to take the citizenship of the other country, which could be explained by being disadvantaged as a German either in getting a job, studying, or scholarships etc.

Below a write-up by Andrew Kiprop….


Kenyans like shortcuts and relying more on hearsay than taking the harder but secure and legal road.
Here are the steps to take in order to achieve dual-citizenship — Kenyan-German. Crucial factor here is financial disadvantages you face in Kenya without the Kenyan citizenship.

– You already renounced your Kenyan citizenship voluntarily and already possess the German citizenship
– You have property in Kenya or you are an heir. The value of the property (owned or to be inherited) must be significant such that it is more than you gross income per annum. In German “Wirtschaftliche oder vermögensrechtliche Nachteile sind in der Regel erheblich, wenn sie ein durchschnittliches Bruttojahreneinkommen des Antragstellers übersteigen”


Step 1: Papers needed for application for retention permission (Beibehaltungsgenehmigung)

  1. Proof that you own property (title deed, etc) or affidavit from bequether confirming intent to bequeth property. Affidavit to be signed by a commissioner of oaths in Kenya (translation to German also needed)
  2. Valutation of property by a registered valuer (translation to German also needed)
  3. Justification for retention permission in 2 or 3 paragraphs — insha style
  4. Beibehaltungsgenehmigungsformular


Step 2:

Hoping that you are awarded with retention permission/Beibehaltungsgenehmigung, you now need to start process on Kenyan side.

  1. Download Form 5 “Application to regain Kenya citizenship”. Duly filled, attach 2 passport size photos, copies of your German passport, old Kenyan passport and Kenyan birth certificate. Send to the embassy
  2. As soon as 1. is through, download Form 3 “Declaration made by a dual citizen”. Duly filled, attach certified copy of retention permission/Beibehaltungsgenehmigung with copy translated to english. Send to the embassy with copy of confirmation that you can regain Kenyan citizenship
  3. As soon as 2. is through, download Form 4 “Application by dual-citizen for endorsement on non-Kenyan passport(s)”. Duly filled, attach cover letter with contacts/address and reply from previous step


Step 3:

If you are lucky and step 2 is through. You can now apply for a new Kenyan passport after approval of regaining the citizenship.


Step 4:

As soon as you receive your Kenyan passport, inform your local German authorities of the same so that they can put in their records. Remember retention permission/Beibehaltungsgenehmigung is temporary (valid max. 2yrs)


Step 5:

As you see, the right path is not a walk in the park, hiyo ingine ni porojo.

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