German Priest Mistaken for a Terrorist During Visit to Kenya

Ludwig Kamm and Simon Ntamwana
During a mass in Vorst led by Dr. Simon Ntamwana from Burundi, in celebration of Ludwig Kamm’s silver jubilee.

A German priest might never forget his last visit to Kenya after being mistaken for a terrorist, not once but twice on the same day. He was threatened with arrest twice, before being allowed to continue with his visit.

Father Ludwig Kamm, from Vorst was recently in Kitengela in Kenya visiting his colleagues and enjoying leading mass at the local church. What he had planned to be a relaxed visit on escaping the carnival drama in the Rhine region, turned to be a hectic visit.

On his way to church on Sunday, the 67 year old noticed the many places fenced with iron sheets and barbed wire, fascinated by this change in Kitengela, he decided to step out of the car and take pictures. Entertained by the whole area, he not only took pictures of the fences, but also of the people and the buildings. It wasn’t long before, an employee at the church came to him and asked him to follow him to the church office.

Father Kamm, on entering the office, he was shocked to find a police officer waiting for him. Looking suspicious, the policeman interrogated the priest, trying to find out his identity as well as his intentions of being in Kitengela. Upon answering several questions to the police man’s satisfaction, the priest was allowed to go on ahead and lead the mass.

During the mass, Father Kamm, had still not had enough pictures. He took out his camera and snapped even more pictures and videos. After the mass, he walked into the church office and found the same policeman again, this time, his mistake was taking pictures with no permission. Father Kamm was forced to delete the images before being allowed to leave the church compound.

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