Deportees Have to Pay for Their Deportation to be Allowed Back in Germany


The Oberverwaltungsgericht in Lüneburg made a ruling that will force deportees who return to Germany to pay for their deportation before they are allowed to enjoy their time here.

This comes after a ruling that excused children to deportees from having to pay for their parents’ deportation costs.

This court ruling is different in that the person involved had been deported at the age of 16 together with her parents.

The complainant who came to Germany at the age of 9, lived in Germany with her parents until the age of 16 when the whole family was deported back to Serbia. Two years ago, she got married to a German and returned to Germany. The migration officials on being informed of her arrival, insisted that she pays the cost of her deportation or return back to Serbia or risk another deportation. She went to court.

The court argued that at 16 years of age, she was old enough to comprehend the situation and make an independent choice. The court said, she had the power at the time to return to her native land even if her parents refused to leave Germany.

The lady is now forced to pay the €600, the government incurred in deporting her.

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