Kenyan Passes Away in Hamburg Where He’d Come to Seek Treatment

Fred Adira

A Kenyan man who had come to seek further treatment in Hamburg has passed away.

The man identified as Fred Adira, had come to Hamburg to seek medical treatment and was staying with his sister, Moureen Adira, in the same city. He arrived in Germany on 14th December and was admitted to the hospital on the 19th awaiting to undergo a surgery.

On the 22nd, while recuperating from the surgery, he suffered a heart attack. The body is lying in the mortuary in Hamburg and the family will appreciate any help to have the remains of their son burried in Kenya.

The late Adira hailed from Chavakali in Western Kenya and he leaves behind a wife, a 16 year old daughter 16 and a 3 year old son. He’s survived by both his parents and two sisters.

You can reach the family by calling the mother, Florence, in Kenya on +254 715 722001 or the sister, Moureen, in Hamburg +49 171 120 3865 or +49 152 1802 6176 or emailing the sister, Harriet in the US:

Kenyans in Hamburg will be meeting on 18th of January from 2pm (14Uhr) at Horner Landstraße 358, 22111 Hamburg.

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