Kenyan from Darmstadt Wins Most Outstanding GNSS App in Europe

Soule Nkepseu - Cofounder & CTO SkyDesk Systems, Steve Odhiambo - Founder & CEO SkyDesk Systems, DR. Frank Zimmermann - Managing Director Cesah Darmstadt
(l. to r.) Soule Nkepseu, Cofounder & CTO SkyDesk Systems, Steve Odhiambo, Founder & CEO SkyDesk Systems, DR. Frank Zimmermann, Managing Director Cesah Darmstadt
Isn’t it amazing to read about a Kenyan trailblazing and winning awards even if you don’t understand what it means….lol…just the fact that they are Kenyan and they won, makes us happy ama? Now let me break it down for you to marvel at what this guy actually won.

The app, Uko Wapi?, created by Steve Odhiambo of Darmstadt beat 434 submissions from more than 40 countries to become the second in the whole of Europe and the best in Hessen.
Steve Odhiambo, Founder and CEO of SkyDesk Systems, took part in the just concluded European Satellite Navigation Competition and his idea, Uko wapi? – The Digital Address Revolution, was ranked Regional Winner in Hesse, Germany and 2nd Overall Winner out of 434 submissions.
“Having our ideas acknowledged by experts was truly a humbling experience. Being awarded second place at the European Satellite Navigation Competition has brought us international exposure which will definitely go a long way in establishing our product in the market. We’re focused on creating a revolutionary digital address system, that will completely change how people communicate and interact with their world”
Uko wapi? is an innovative GPS-based digital alternative to physical address systems that will accelerate the establishment of infrastructure in developing countries. The core service includes creating reliable and verifiable addresses, which will serve to facilitate the e-commerce and enable the idevelopment of innovative business models. Uko wapi? is designed for mobile subscribers with GPS-enabled smartphones and uses location intelligence to create a location-based social network.
Owing to this success, Steve has been invited to present his idea to the Tender Evaluation Board at the European Space Agency for a chance to join the ESA Business Incubation Center in Darmstadt. This opportunity  will allow him access to the Technology Transfer Programme at ESA as well as start up capital of € 50,000.
For more information about Uko wapi? please visit their website And be sure to hit ‘subscribe’, if you want to stay informed about their awesome activites and upcoming awards 😉 .
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