Kenyan from Tübingen Loses Sister in a Tragic Accident

Nancy Hagerera Banks Kombe
Nancy Hagerera Banks

A Kenyan living in Tübingen, Gladys Kombe, lost her sister, Nancy Hagerera, through a tragic accident early Saturday Morning. 

Gladys had spoken to Nancy on Friday evening German time and she was doing well. Only to receive the news of Nancy’s death 6hrs after their talk.

Nancy, who lived in Boston in the US, was hit by a truck on her way to work early Saturday morning at 5am. Although the truck stopped after it hit her, the impact was quite serious. Nancy who was seven months pregnant died on the spot and so did her unborn son.

Gladys together with the family in Kenya are requesting for help to repatriate Nancy back to Mombasa, Kenya for her burial. If you’d like to contribute, you can send the money to her sister in Tübingen.

Gladys Banks Kombe
KontoNummer:  0001974087
BLZ: 64150020
Kreissparkasse Tübingen
Verwendungszweck: Nancy Hagerera

May God bless you as you assist
Nancy leaves behind a son who lives in Mombasa and was set to join her end of this month. Nancy’s landlord who has known her for the past 5years described her as a hardworking individual and an example to everyone around her. She was working two jobs and attending school as she worked towards providing for her children.

Below is the report as aired by the WCVB Channel 5 in Boston.

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