German Retiree Shot Dead at His Home in Watamu, Kenya

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A 72 year old German man became victim to armed robbers at his home in Watamu.

According to the man’t wife who spoke to the dpa, armed robbers had raided their home late Sunday evening. After they were done with their “shopping”, they walked out. The man angry at this violation decided to run after the thieves. He took out his pistol to shoot warning shots and hopefully scare away the intruders into dropping their catch.

Unfortunately, instead of scaring them away, the warning shots got them angrier and they shot back. The shot went through the man’s head.

Unfortunately due to shortage of staff, the rescue helicopter couldn’t land at the nearest airstrip closest to Watamu and the man had to be transported to Mombasa. Sadly, he didn’t make it to Mombasa and died on his way.

The man was a diving instructor and had lived in Watamu for the last 30 years.

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