Exchange Program Between University of Nairobi – Mombasa Campus and DHBW Schwenningen to be Introduced

University of Nairobi LogoDHBW Schwenningen (Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg)

The DHBW Schwenningen (Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg) is planning an exchange program between them and University of Nairobi’s  Mombasa Campus. 

The project that was informally started last year saw one Kenyan girl from the Mombasa campus visit the DHBW for a period of two weeks in the summer. During her visit, the young lady attended classes and lived like the students at the DHBW. Impressed with DHBW, she returned to Kenya and has already applied to take part in the new exchange program as soon as the contracts are signed by the two institutions.

The exchange program is aimed at lecturers and students from  the two institutions. The Kenyans will be allowed to visit the DHBW  for a whole year while the Germans will go to Kenya for a couple of months. The DHBW is also looking into offering internships in Kenya for its students, but that is yet to be finalised. The contract sealing this deal was set to be signed by the first quater of 2014, but that hasn’t happened yet.

University of Nairobi will be the second African University partnering with the DHBW, the other is the University of Cairo. The DHBW has 60 other partnerships with several universities around the world.

Some students at the DHBW have termed the partnership as irrelevant and of no interest to most of the students there. What do you think? Are these partnerships between Kenyan and German universities helpful, relevant or a complete waste of time?


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