Kenyan Woman Dies at Her Home in Völklingen

Assumpta Wangui Macharia Dünnhaupt

It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Assumpta Wangui Macharia-Dünnhaupt, who took her last breath on Wednesday this week (26.03.2014). She leaves behind her mother and a 20 year old daughter, Florence.

On Wednesday evening,  Florence left her mother watching tv and went to her room.  When she returned a few minutes later,  Assumpta lay on the sofa unconscious.  Florence called the ambulance which arrived in a couple of minutes. After efforts to rescucitate her failed, she was declared dead.  Assumpta died of a heart attack.

The body was removed from the home on THURSDAY because there was no funeral home open at that hour to pick it.

That Thursday,  the Kenyan community in Saarbrücken was informed of Assumpta’s passing;  they  came together and are currently organising how to help the young lady.

Assumpta was married to a German,  Mr. Dünnhaupt, who passed away in 2000, thus leaving their daughter Florence as an orphan.  Assumpta’s mother who lives in Laikipia in Kenya, is the closest relative left to the young girl.

The Kenyan Embassy in Berlin was informed of the incident and were able to inform Assumpta’s mother in Laikipia yesterday (Friday, 28.03.2014).  Assumpta’s mother is currently consulting with family members in Kenya to decide on the way forward.

Kenyans in Saarbrücken continue to meet and coordinate how to help the family. Donations can be sent directly to Florence:

Name: Florence Dünnhaupt
Bank: Sparkasse Saarbrücken
Konto Nr: 0074373499
Verwendungszweck: Assumpta-Spende
BLZ: 59050101
BIC/Swift-Code: SAKS DE 55
IBAN: DE06 5905 0101 0074 3734 99

For details on how you can contribute or be of any help to the young lady,  you can get in touch with:

0681376636 – Wanjiru (Owner of the Afro-Asia Afroshop)

015114772196 – Ken

They are meeting daily at:

Afro Asia Shop (Shiru’s Afroshop)
Berliner Promenade 17 (Shop 15)
66111 Saarbrücken

Haus Afrika e.V.
Großherzog-Friedrich-Str. 37
66111 Saarbrücken

May her soul rest in peace and may Florence and her grandmother find peace and comfort during this very trying time.


EDIT: An earlier version had claimed that the daughter had left the mother at home only to return and find her dead.  This was false.

The body was collected the next day because the morgues are open only during working hours,  apart from special cases.

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