Kenyan Universities Recognised in Germany

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First of all, a University degree from Kenya is recognised in Germany if it is from a recognised University in Kenya, so how do you find out if the Uni you went to in Kenya is recognised?

You can apply for University with a degree from Kenya as well as apply for jobs. Some employers might not “trust” its validity nor believe in your competence but that doesn’t mean the degree isn’t recognised.

Although, the site is targeted at foreigners or Germans working with foreigners and it’s not available in English or even French…..only in German. So to find out if the University you visited in Kenya is recognised in Germany:

Kenyan Universities recognised in Germany

Visit click on Institutionen then pick on Suchen then Länderauswählen, pick Kenia and click on Länderauswahl bestätigen. You can get the Pdf here: Kenyan Universities recognised in Germany.

Beside every University or college, there is a status ranking:

H+ : recognised in the home country as Universities, are accredited and can also be considered as an equivalent to German Universities and degrees from these Universities can be reognised as equivalent to those from German Universities. This recommendation isn’t binding. e.g. Apostles of Jesus Scholasticate, Africa Nazarene University, Daystar University College, Western University Collge of Science and Technology

H- : the institutions aren’t recognised as Universities in their homeland. Or the institution is only recognised as a Polytechnic or College not a University in the homeland e.g. Wiseman College, Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology, Meru Technical Training Institute, Kenya School of Law, Aga Khan Academy

H+/- : includes recognised and non-recognised institutions. Only the qualifications and study courses in these institutions are recognised e.g. Aga Khan University, Bondo University College, Great Lakes University of Kisumu, Kenya Polytechnic University College


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