Living Expenses of Rich vs Poor Kenyans

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According to a recent survey by Synopsis synovate, it is very clear that the rich and poor in Kenya have very different responsibilities and focus points.

Poor Kenyans spend most of their money on education 35%, this could be traced to the belief by many that “Education will be their saving grace”. We all know our parents constantly reminded us that we needed to study hard and “become somebody”.

Rich Kenyans on the other hand spend most of their money on food 49%. I keep joking that poor people problems in Europe are usually the rich people problems in Africa. Poor people in Europe are the ones who are at McDonalds Monday to Monday, while the rich are busy having salads and always buying organic products. In Africa, and in Kenya, only rich people can afford fast food everyday of the week and the “poor” people are left eating organic and traditional vegetables which are cheaper and easier to source which in any case is healthier. (You can add the issues that come about from the sukuma being planted on the banks of a polluted river etc, but that is another discussion.

Do you think the graphs are representative of the kawaida Kenya? Or does it look doctored?

Living Expenses of poor vs rich in Kenya

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