Kenyan Injured During an Armed Robbery in Innsbruck

Kenyan Man Attacked in Innsbruck Austria
The Kenyan man being put into the ambulance. Bottom left, an image of the robber and the cashier from CCTV footage. Photo credits.

During an armed robbery in Innsbruck last night, a Kenyan man was injured when he tried to protect the cashier.

The armed robber walked into the petrol station and went straight to the cashier where he demanded for money. The Kenyan man trying to protect the female cashier from the robber, was shot in the stomach. The robber was able to escape before the police arrived.

The Kenyan man who is only known to be 45 years old, was badly hurt and had to be operated on. After receiving first aid from the ambulance doctor, he was delivered to the hospital where he was operated on earlier this morning. The police confimed that the Kenyan man was out of danger and is doing well as he recovers in hospital.

According to the police, the robber was able to run off with a three digit sum, which the owner of the petrol station confirmed was just a little below a thousand euro. The man is still at large and though they couldn’t get his identity, those who were at the petrol station confirmed that he spoke German with a foreign accent and was about 1,8 meters tall. An image of the man was found from the CCTV footage and will be used by the police to track him down.

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