Two German Organisations Plan to Set up a Rehabilitation Clinic and an Orthopedic Workshop at the Siaya District Hospital

Röchling Stiftung CBM APDK

The Röchling Stiftung and the Christian Blind Mission ( Christoffel-Blindenmission (CBM)) have signed a co-operation contract on establishing a Rehabilitation Center at the Siaya County Hospital in Western Kenya.

This will include a Physical Rehabilitation Centre and a Orthopedic workshop in Siaya District. The Orthopedic workshop will manufacture plastic prostheses and other orthopedic equipment needed by the area residents. At the new centre they plan to offer “full” service to the people of Siays which will start at first aid, diagnosis and treatment to supply of the orthopedic equipment needed. The centre will also ensure the people are trained in using the equipment while the patients will also enjoy post rehabilitation care.

According to the World Health Organisation, approximately 15% of the Kenyan population live with a disability. In Siaya, this number is approximately 24,000 people who live with a physical disability. Often times, these people lack the financial resources to pay for treatement or for the equipment. Disability remains a tabu topic in Kenya, and most people with disabilities live secluded from the rest of society.

The project will be financed by the Röchling Stiftung and the Christian Blind Mission who will work in cooperation with the „Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya” (APDK) in Kenya as their partner organisation.

The Röchling Stiftung will be transfering their know-how in plastics. The Röchling group of companies is an international leader in innovative and technologically advanced plastics.

Courtesy Press release of the Röchling Stiftung

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