How Much do Germans in Major Cities Save Monthly?


A study on who saves the most has shattered most of the German clichées on saving. World wide people think Germans save too much while in Germany everyone thinks the Schwaben save the most but from the study findings that’s not the case.

The Stuttgarters think they save a lot but it seems they don’t. Surprisingly, Köln is the home of savers with their average being €375.14 a huge difference to Stuttgart at €328.52. The Berliners are the biggest spenders with 14.4% preferring to use their money immediately they got it instead of saving. While Frankfurt am Main and Nürnberg had the least spenders at 4.8%. 38.4% of the people in Duisburg have absolutely nothing at the end of the month after paying the bills, the highest number, while in Köln only 18.1% had nothing to save at the end of the month.

The study found out that in a third of all major German cities people don’t save with most barely making ends meet at before their next salary comes in.

The national average is €237.94 monthly

Below the list of the savers

  1. Köln €375.14
  2. Stuttgart €328.52
  3. Frankfurt am Main €324.29
  4. Bielefeld €270.17
  5. Wuppertal €284.92
  6. Nürnberg €257.12
  7. Berlin €243.61
  8. Duisburg €235.96
  9. Munich €227.37
  10. Mannheim €214.82
  11. Leipzig €206.29
  12. Bochum €200
  13. Hamburg €198
  14. Dresdem €184.32
  15. Bremen €181.85
  16. Bonn €181.62
  17. Essen €176.52
  18. Dortmund €172.50
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