Austrian Man Sentenced to One Year Imprisonment for Killing a Kenyan

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A man in Austria was last week sentenced to one year imprisonment for killing a Kenyan room mate. The judge ruled that the man’s carelessness was the cause of the lady’s death and such an occurrence should never have taken place. The 35 year old nurse, pleaded guilty and told the judge that he wished he could change what had happened.

Early last year, the Kenyan lady was having issues with her boyfriend and she asked the guy to host her until she found her own place. The man welcomed her into his home, where she moved in in January and because he already had a girlfriend, the Kenyan had to sleep in the living room. The man apparently had a mini marijuana plantation in his home and for this had constructed an amateur fan that pumped the exhaust fumes into the bathroom.

On that fateful day in March when he got up, he could hear the shower running. He prepared himself a coffee then went back to sleep, something he confessed was unlike him. When he got up again, the shower was still running. He knocked at the door but got no response. On opening the door, he found his roommate lying on the floor dead.

The Kenyan lady was a 26 year old, English teacher in Vienna and had been in Austria for a few years. According to the man, she was an orphan and her parents had died in a car accident when she was four years old.

The judge ruled that the man had considered such an occurrence when he made his construction. Apparently the sensor that was to switch off the fan when the carbon monoxide content was too high, had been covered with a sock reducing both its sensitivity and accuracy.

The lady died from what experts at the ruling called the Snow White effect. The carbon monoxide that was inhaled reduced the ability of her red cells to transport oxygen around her body making her drowsy. On dozing off, she inhaled more carbon monoxide which subsequently led to her death.


But if I may ask, where in the world does someone get one year for murder???? As in seriously. I would think that people either get life imprisonment or sentenced to death either by hanging, electrocution or a firing squad. One year????? That’s not even enough for having a cannabis plantation in your home. I’m I being unreasonable to think the ruling should have been more strict? What do you think?

Seems some people only get a weak slap on their hand when they attack others, remember the guy that pushed Nelly on the UBahn tracks got 1yr yet she almost died.

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