Germany and Kenya Rank 5th and 27th Respectively in Global Youth Wellbeing Index

Youth Well Being

I think Kenya should thank God the ranking was done before they started harrassing innocent youths in the name of fighting terrorism, cause then they would have definitely ranked last like Nigeria.

The first index of its kind was established by the Center for Strategic and International Studies and the International Youth Foundation. The index measures the quality of life of people aged 12 to 24 in only 30 countries in the world.

The index is designed to facilitate both thought and action: promoting increased attention to and consultation with, deliberate dialogue about, and investment in young people as catalysts for development, prosperity and security.

The indicators included citizen participation, economic opportunity, education, health, information and communications technology, safety and security. Young people’s perceptions were also assesed including whether they were satisfied with their government. Position 1 to 9 featured the richest countries in the world.

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Youth Well Being Index Kenya and Germany

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