When NO Cannot be an Answer – How to Reject a Rejection Letter

Vituko Ujerumani.

There’s never a dull day in Germany, if you know where to get some bit of fun. This must be the best letter EVER. A student recently applied for an Ausbildung only to receive a rejection letter, but that was definitely not what the student expected nor a solution the student was willing to take up. Below is the letter the student sent to the recruitment personnel.

Translated version:

Dear Ms. ____,

Thank you for your letter from 25th March. After thinking through your rejection of my application, I have made the decision not to accept it.

I have received too many rejections this year and I’m no longer in a position to accept your rejection.

Despite your letter being friendly, it does out commensurate my current expectations hence my regret to announce to you that I will take up the position from 18th August 2013.

I already look forward to meeting you personally.

I wish you all the best in future in rejecting applicants and hopefully it will work next time.

Friendly Greetings


How to reject a rejection letter

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