15.05 SCHOLARSHIP: Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty

Application Deadline: Closing dates for applications are 15.05.  20.05 to 31.05 and 15.11. of each year.

Programme Description

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation sees itself as the foundation for liberal politics in Germany. It is closely connected to the FDP (Free Democratic Party). The foundation has been sponsoring students at German universities since 1973, and also at universities of applied sciences since 1990. Besides excellent academic achievements it also expects commitment to political and social issues and positive personal qualities such as reliability, motivation and decisiveness from its sponsored students. The objective of sponsoring foreign students is that they return to their home countries after their examinations and use the knowledge they have gained to the advantage of the country. Approximately 50 foreign students are sponsored every year.

Target Group
The following is expected from applicants:

  • To be highly gifted: not only above-average subject-specific abilities, but also other specialised interests are considered.
  • Personal qualities: these include reliability, motivation, decisiveness and a willingness to assume responsibility and actively contribute with one‘s abilities to the further development of society.
  • Liberal commitment to social and political issues: activities in student self-administration, in university committees, in a liberal political party, in a political student organisation or in social institutions and associations are desirable.

Academic Requirements
Foreign students may apply after an academic intermediate exam (e.g. first Diplom, Bachelor), but not just before completing their studies. Study visits abroad are not sponsored.

Number of Scholarships
Approximately 50 foreign students are sponsored each year.

Sponsorships are initially awarded for 1 year. For concentrated studies, extensions until completion of the academic studies may be granted, with a maximum sponsorship period of 3 years.

Scholarship Value

  • Scholarships are calculated according to the guidelines of the Federal Foreign Office.
  • Support through liaison lecturers at the university location
  • Furthermore, scholarship holders will be offered a broad range of non-material support which can be viewed on the foundation‘s website.

Application Requirements

  • Academic aptitude,
  • Personality
  • Sociopolitical commitment arising from a fundamentally liberal attitude
  • Participation in seminars held by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation or liberal regional foundations (Landesstiftungen) during the scholarship period
  • Regular contact to liaison lecturers
  • Examination completed within an acceptable period and with well above-average grades
  • Applicants are to return to their home country after completing their examinations in order to use their newly gained knowledge to the advantage their own country

Application Papers
The complete application documents for sponsorship of students from abroad can be downloaded from this page.

Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty
Herr Mohammad Shahpari
Karl-Marx-Str. 2
14482 Potsdam
Phone: 0331 / 70 19-349
Fax: 0331 / 70 19-222
Internet: www.freiheit.org
E-Mail: begabtenfoerderung@freiheit.org

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