Nursing Statistics in Germany – Where is the demand?

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Approximately one million people work as nurses in Germany, this number has risen by close to a half since 1999 but its rate of increase is not the same as that of the demand. The number of people requiring nursing has risen from 905,000 to 1.3million within the same time that is a 44,5% increase.
Most of the nurses trained in German tend to work part time with very few getting full time jobs. In 2011, only 33.3% of the nurses worked full time, while 64% worked part time and 13% had mini-jobs. If all the part time nurses got full time jobs then it would reduce the demand by 35%
Demand is even higher in care homes which employ 69.5% of the total nurses in Germany with 32.1% of them being employed full time. In the Ambulante dienst, which is the mobile nurses only 27.4% are employed full time.
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