Being used as Puppets in a Fight you Know Nothing About

Kemi Adegoke at TEDx Euston
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I’ve wanted to share this video since some drama took place last year, but I thought it might be taken out of context at the time. As I think this is the right time to do so, here’s a video from an amazing young lady, who has so much to share.

Two topics stood out from her talk, and they were:

Society of low expectations

Sometimes people aren’t being racists, they just expect much less from black people. They have seen so many black people fail that they don’t believe any can ever succeed. Their view has been shaped by prior experiences which didn’t make them believe otherwise.

When an African student asks about studying medicine, most teachers will suggest they try nursing instead

  • Some teachers lie to the student that there’s no difference between the different qualifications, in Germany some students are told going to a Hauptschule and going to a Gymnasium is the same thing.
  • Some teachers lie that some schools are only for elite or well off people. There’s a mother whose straight A daughter was sent to a Hauptschule reason being, “the mother can’t afford to take the child to a Gymnasium”.

Don’t make assumptions, take the risk and try, if it doesn’t work out move on.

Being Used in a Fight you know Nothing about

Understand the motives, behind some people’s actions. Some people think they are helping yet they are a hindrance. They have good intentions but those intentions will not lead us to where we want to go. Many people start causes for Africa or Africans not because they aim for the well-being of the Africans but because they have something against the social structure in their own countries. Others will start protests about stuff going on in Africa, you think it’s because they want Africa but it’s because they are trying to use that as their reason for seeking asylum. Not everything is what it seems.

Speak with your own voice. Be a policy maker, don’t be the one begging donors, be the donor.

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