Emergency Number for Women in Violent Relationships

The Minister for Youth and Families launched an emergency number for women. The number is to help fight against violence against women by providing information to women in need.

By calling the number you get counselling, step by step instructions on what to do next and/or addresses to the nearest Frauenhaus or where to take refuge incase your attacker returns.

Call the number today for help,

08000- 116- 016

you can also visit their website which is also in english for online counselling and more information: http://www.hilfetelefon.de/

Other helpful numbers are:

 Domestic Violence Helpline for Women: 0800 0116016

Sexual Abuse against Children Helpline: 0800-2255530

„Nummer gegen Kummer“: 0800-1110550

 Seelsorge (Someone to talk to, also offered in English): 0800/1110111 or 0800/1110222

Muslim Seelsorge: 030 44 35 09 821 

Helpline for people with a drinking problem (Also in English): 01803 AAHELP or 01803 224 357

Find a Frauenhaus in your area: Frauenhauskoordinierung.de

Jugendämter in Germany: Jugendämter.com

Alcoholic Anonymous meeting in your area: AA Meetings

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