Job Vacancies reach all time Maximum

Bundesagentur für Arbeit
There were nearly 400,000 jobs waiting to be filled last year – more so than at any time over the past ten years. Some 385,951 positions, to be exact, had no takers.

More than 135,000 had remained vacant for more than three months because the government employment agency was not able to find a suitable worker. That’s also a 10-year record and nearly twice the level seen in 2010.
On average it took 80 days to get a job filled – also a 10-year record and 13 days longer than in 2011.

There were 374 unemployed people for every 100 openings, the data showed – the lowest level since this statistic was kept in 2007. Back then there were 592 jobless for every 100 positions.

Openings remained vacant the longest for train drivers (173 days), doctors (171), service personnel for passenger transportation (145) and technical research and development jobs (137).

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