Jimmy C attacked by Special Unit Police

Remember Jimmy C? The guy that was attacked in Berlin on New Year’s eve? (Read more here: Jimmy James of Tembo e.V. injured in a racial attack).
According to Nelson Muriuki and Sonja Prince who have been keeping close contact with Jimmy since the incident, Jimmy was attacked in his own home but this time by Special Unit Police. The Police alleged that they had received a call prompting them to the area as someone apparently reported that there was wife battering at Jimmy’s house. At the time of the incident Jimmy had just returned from picking the kids from school and the wife was at work. 
The police ransacked the house and interrogated Jimmy and the kids, but they couldn’t give any comprehensive reason for their actions. Jimmy later called Sonja who got the silly excuse from the police. Jimmy’s lawyer is on this and further details will be shared.
This story does look a bit fishy as compared to others that may have been there before. Usually after a racial attack you rarely hear of the story again, it’s usually presumed that everyone lives “happily ever after”. But there are a few tidbits of info, I’d like to share that may make this story clearer to you or make it more confusing.
Tembo e.V. page
First of all, the Tembo e.V. website (at least the first page) was hacked by someone who calls himself the Saudi Arabian Hacker. The hacker changed the page and put on it links to muslim pages and online Quran sites etc. Secondly, the club where Jimmy worked is apparently a nazi spot in Berlin. Africans who know the club say that it is known that black people should only be seen at the premises on Tuesdays on what they call “Black attack”. From those in the know, worse has happened to black people in that club. So if this is true, how come Jimmy didn’t know this?
According to people who’ve been following the story and have seen such stories happen before here, they think the whole incident with the police could be a set up to try and find a way to deport Jimmy. Some sources also insinuate that maybe the attack wasn’t a spontaneous attack on a black man but something that had been well planned and instigate.
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