Clarification on Jimmy C’s last incident.

This is an issue most of us have followed, unfortunately some have used it to seek publicity instead of help the victim. It’s great to help out when stuff happens but help in good faith with the goal being to HELP and not what you can get out of the case. With that said.

Remember the last article I posted Jimmy C attacked by Special Unit Police I’d like to clarify a few points that have been brought to my attention.
1. It was clarified that the attack by the special unit police had absolutely NOTHING to do with the other case Jimmy was involved in. Jimmy’s lawyer got in touch with the police and the head sent in a few of them to apologize for the incident.

2. The call from the neighbour was real, apparently just the usual “careful” neighbour. Jimmy had moved to a new place so the new neighbour was a bit apprehensive BUT knew nothing whatsoever about the attack on Jimmy. (Schublade mentality, a black man with scars on his face always in the house, you assume……). The neighbour also apologized for the mistake.

Wondering what is the reason for this post, it’s to make sure both sides are heard and to ensure no-one is being accused of something they didn’t do.

Not everything is premeditated and let’s always give other a benefit of doubt. This isn’t a fight of US against THEM. We’re against injustices regardless of who commits them. Please tusilete ukabila tuliotoa Kenya hapa. We all know Kenyans fight at bashes mpaka ambulance zinaitwa na mtu analala hosi but none of us rises against it much, coz “it’s one of us”? Does that reduce the pain the patient is in?

Most of us are married to Germans, others gave birth to Germans mit migrationshintergrund and the rest who are here, you’re in their country. If they were as bad as we painted them, I’d expect them to turn us away at the airport but for some of us, we have higher chances of achieving goals, living our dreams etc here which we were unable to do in Kenya.

As many of them say in most fora, if Germany is sooo bad, go back to where you came from or move to another country…..pretty simple solution.

As for Jimmy, I pray for his quick recover and hopefully justice for him and his family to be able to continue living their lives without all this madness. I hope those who came out to help, will actually help him and not just use this case for their own selfish reasons.

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