Germany rolling out the red carpet for its welcomed Foreigners

Some of these ideas in Germany though started with the best intentions sometimes come across as the silliest ideas ever. Let me let you in on what I’m talking about.
Apparently some states like Hamburg have introduced new departments known as Welcome Centers. These are meant to be where “welcomed” foreigners go to instead of the usual immigration offices (Ausländerbehörde). At the Welcome Center, you find people who speak English and are ready to help you with anything you need to know. They will tell you the best schools, best clubs, best shopping malls, help you find a home either for rent or purchase. Yes, you get first class treatment but this is not open to all foreigners, this is only for those deemed useful foreigners.

This I had to quote, a politician from the Left party (Die Linken) said that the Welcome Centers were a great idea as they help to separate services for „nützliche und unnütze Zuwanderer“ (useful and useless immigrants). According to them these Welcome Centers help encourage potential migrating professionals to choose Germany as their destination. These centers are aimed at professionals and any other immigrant who earns anything more than €30,000 a year.

Refugees and poorer immigrants are meant to continue being served by the usually rude Ausländerbehörde. Most cities are thinking of implementing this new system so look out for it. 

If you have never been to a Welcome Center, you now know which category of immigrant you fall in…….aiii jamani….kudharauliwa nayo……

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