Kenyan Student attacked twice in Erfurt

This wasn’t actually my first attack on New year’s eve, I had posted earlier about some teenies throwing a Fire cracker on my face on 29th as i was coming back from work… That wasn’t too bad because it rolled and exploded inches away from me, the noise shocked me more though,…

On 31st I was supposed to work till 2 but my boss told me i could go earlier, 10 minutes before 12. I wanted to rush to the Haltestelle to get my tram(I live 10 mins ride from Zentrum) and get home fast to watch the fireworks from my 13th floor window. There were no trams, the Haltestelle was full of people doing fireworks, I decided to walk two stations away n get a taxi instead, but there were more people there and no taxis  I decided to walk home instead, since there were people everywhere and wasnt at risk of being attacked. Wrong. 

Some boys(or maybe men) dressed Hip- hop style walked towards me, passed me by n were laughing and calling me the N name, then one, threw me his beer all over me then hit me on the head with his bottle n they ran away laughing, Alot of people saw this and did nothing, others were laughing. I felt really bad, n I surprised myself, I’m a cry baby but I think that shocked my tears off. Went home n took ice put it on my head n watched movies till six, then cried and went to bed. 

Your question might be: why didnt i call the police, Answer: it didn’t even occur to me at the moment, and even if I did call them, they would do nothing. 

I have had a case where the police were involved, (but because a German helped me fight the N people who were trying to attack me got hurt in the process) but nothing came out of it. 

So I bet the only thing that will help me is to buy a Pepper spray, n always have my phone to make photos with.

I am in the process of looking for another job where i can work only at daytimes on weekends, i like my Job n it was compatible with my school schedule but i fear for my life.

Written by the Victim.

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