Racial Attacks and discrimination – A Daily Occurrence in Erfurt

Modern Day Slavery

Two foreigners living in Erfurt, recently shared their stories:

Tuba K.

A lady from the same neighborhood once hit her from behind for being a foreigner. Tuba’s cervical spine hurts to this day; the attack was 3yrs ago.

Another incident was when Tuba drove into a one way street and she was driving in the wrong direction. Suddenly, a pensioner saw this; came and opened the co-driver seat and started abusing Tuba asking how a foreigner thinks they can do anything in Germany.

“Unfortunately, I’m longer friendly with strangers as I used to be. I’m shocked people in Erfurt can be so heartless and different from those in Bielefeld, where I’ve lived for over 9yrs.”


Ahmad T.

Bullying in public, racist chants and passers-by showing him the middle finger are all normal occurrences to Ahmad. “I don’t let such things affect me”.

What affects him most is the constant disrespectful racial profiling. “They treat me like a terrorist. I have no problem with them checking my passport, but they should do it with more respect.”

Ahmad feels most harassed by a certain landlord who had rented him a room in a basement for his German-Arab Cultural Association he started with friends. After only 3months, the landlord changed the locks without notice. Ahmad and friends had invested over €25,000 in the renovations of the place and now to be kicked out without an explanation?

Before the landlord locked up the place, he had called the police 18times. Most of the times the police and other authorities were called in to inspect the premises without informing  Ahmad nor members of their organization.

You can also read the story of a Kenyan who was attacked by some boys at a Train station in Erfurt.


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