Year in Review

We’ve come to the end of a lovely year, the first with Mkenya. The year has been amazing with all of you, I appreciate your continued support and sharing of the blog with friends and family. From the 200 who visited this blog on the first day in Feb to the almost a thousand that visit daily, thank you, I truly appreciate it.
It’s a fact that Africans born or raised in Germany rarely make it to University, 90% of Africans in German Universities came here only for higher education. As Africans in Germany, let’s aim to change these numbers.

2012 has seen us discuss very many topics and I hope we discuss even more in 2013. As many of us make new year resolutions here are a few posts to encourage, educate and motivate you in making that dream a reality. When you succeed we all succeed, the goal of this blog is to motivate you whether you’re Kenyan or not to realise your dreams. 

Applying for FSJ from Kenya, some FSJers shared their stories –  more on FSJ here
What is an au pair? What options are open to au pairs after their one year? – more on au pair here
Studying in Germany – more on studying
Scholarships for students and researchers in Germany – more on scholarships here
What is BFD? What’s the difference from FSJ? – more on BFD here
What laws apply to foreigners in Germany? New laws in Germany – more on laws here
Tips on getting and applying for internships in Germany – more on internships here
Exchange programs, what kind are there? – more on Exchange Programs here

Pursing a career as a school drop out – more on drop outs here.

Of course we weren’t all serious through the 11months, we also had a bit of gossip and regardless of what most say, this is the part most of you enjoy. The gossip tends to pull you like a moth to light.

Anyhu, 2013 looks quite promising with articles from some guest writers, if you’re interested in sharing something here, just send me an email The Mkenya TV on youtube will be having a whole lot more content so look out for that. Let me know if you have specific topics you want discussed on the blog, will be glad to write about them. 

Can’t wait for 2013, and I look forward to the new ride with all the Mkenya readers. A blessed and prosperous 2013, to you and your families.

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