Hängeregister Wirtschaftsprüfung

Alternatives to the Wirtschaftsprüfer Exam

Hängeregister Wirtschaftsprüfung
Hängeregister Wirtschaftsprüfung

The exam has been deemed to be one of the hardest exams ever in Germany with only less than 50% qualifying in their first try. Now many more BWL,VWL and other Business related courses students opt for another way out from the traditional method.

Traditionally, most people would attend the lectures 20SWS (20 hrs a week per semester) then spend the same amount of time or double reading for the major exam. Now many Universities are offering a Masters program dubbed the „Audit Xcellence“ that helps prepare candidates for the exam but in a more relaxed mode. In the traditional method only 56% succeed but with the new program, more than 70% succeed on the first try.

How the new program works basically is where the exams taken during the Masters program are recognized as part of the WP main exam.

Which Universities are offering this?

– FH Mainz (voraussichtlich 3714 Euro je Semester; Studiengang bereits akkreditiert, aber noch nicht gestartet)
– Hochschule Fresenius Köln (2610 Euro je Semester)
– Uni Mannheim / Mannheim Business School (5833 Euro je Semester)
– FH Münster und Osnabrück (2750 Euro je Semester)
– Hochschule Pforzheim (500 Euro je Semester)
Universities taking part in the „Audit Xcellence“:
– FH Mainz / Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
– Uni Mannheim / Mannheim Business School
– Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
– Uni Bochum / Uni Münster
– Goethe Universität Frankfurt
If you’re still not feeling the WP Exam, you can always check out the international alternatives: here.
Disclaimer: Please call the Uni, or ask someone from the Career Services at your University for the details on this new program.
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