It all begins in the workshop

Part of the notes I wrote during my internship…….

I was doing my internship recently and was very pissed when I was sent to work in the workshop; I kept wondering why should I do it? I even contemplated quitting, this isn’t what I had bargained for but later as I sat in that workshop, I realized that “It all begins in the workshop”

Many are the times we “discover” a billionaire or some famous person and we feel so proud of who he or she is, forgetting they are who they are with no input from us. Look at Chris Kirubi or Richard Branson’s facebook page and you’ll know what I’m talking about. What we forget is, it took time and lots of hard work for those people to build their business empires and be what they are. As I got angry at being sent to the workshop, I forgot the joy and excitement I had expressed when I got a new whirlpool installed. That whirlpool was a sheet of metal before it was coated, painted and finally installed at my place.
Maybe you are in the workshop of your life like the piece of steel sheet being worked on, don’t be angry about it. I believe it’s not in vain. Enjoy your time and make the most of this time to reflect, make better plans for the future; learn from the mistakes you have made it so far and by the end of the day when you come out of the workshop you won’t only be valuable steel but a state of the art whirlpool.

You may be discouraged due to your current situation right now, but I tell you it’s not final till you decide it is. There is no situation you can not pull yourself out of. Sometimes it requires us to work more on your mindsets, there are millions of positives on this earth you just have to tune your brain to find them or even make them. Don’t cry over your past, it’s exactly that, your past, learn from it and use it to make your today better than your yesterday. Maybe your yesterday was better than today is, but you’re not going to get tomorrow back so your better wake up and work on your today.

Define your positive, find your own path you might not necessarily end up as a whirlpool but you might end up as a luxury car. You have to learn to turn your problems into your promotions, and I emphasize on YOU because how you solve your problem is not the same way I will solve mine. For example if life would throw lemons at you and me, you could decide to make lemonade and sell to the public but what if it was winter at my end? No one would be coming out to buy lemonade and I wouldn’t be willing to stand out of my front lawn selling it with such temperatures, but why not selling my lemons to a club that sells Tequila or cocktails? Or maybe bake a lemon cake. 

That’s life; it’s not about being right or wrong neither is it about a single answer; but multiple solutions to the same problem depending on your situation.

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