Shangilia’s first show in Germany 2012

Went for the Shangilia Mtoto wa Afrika show yesterday and it was amazing, those kids were soo energetic, they made me miss home even more. It was great to watch them dance and move on stage as they sang and played Kenyan music. Even the audience got to dance….it was a great evening, with lots of laughter and fun, Kenyan style without the fighting….hehehe….

Katikati they had some discussions and speeches….aiii…wacha tu, but the dancing made up for those long discussions on What does Shangilia mean? Where is Kangemi? bla bla you get my drift.

There was another group from Köln performing as well, they were very entertaining not like the Shangilia kids but in their own way….hope you understand what I mean….lol….as in ni kama kuwatch vioja na kuwatch Cosby Show both are entertaining but in their own ways??? Understood? Kama hujaelewa imepita…

Miss Njeri and the guitarist

From the Köln Group there was a Kenyan girl, born in Nairobi but has lived in Germany most of her life, and she sang a beautiful kikuyu, kiswahili and german song about her mother….weee, bow down. Her name is Njeri, very cool. Funny thing is, the kiuk words she used most people couldn’t get….they were deep, but of course yours truly got them.

Now less talk and let the pics do the talking for themselves, for those that missed….kuleni na macho. I hope this makes you go watch the kids.

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